PT. Tirta Alam Segar

Kawasan Industri MM 2100 Kav. Blok B1-2, Jl. Kalimantan, Cibitung, Gandamekar, Cikarang Bar., Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17520

(021) 8980188

PT Tirta Alam Segar Cikarang is one of the companies engaged in the production of food and beverages under the auspices of Wings Group. As we know Wings Group is one of the largest and most famous consumer goods manufacturer in Indonesia.

Products produced by PT TAS include drinks such as Ale-ale, Rio Tea, Floridina and many more. As a food and beverage manufacturer certainly wings food especially PT. Tirta Alam Segar is very concerned about cleanliness and stability both in the production process, the goods produced and the production actors are the operators.

Marketing results of this company’s production has spread to various regions of Indonesia, even to the remote parts of the country, so the names of the resulting product brand become familiar to us because it uses it everyday.

Currently PT Tirta Alam Segar is opening the opportunity to join a part of the company and together trying to make PT TAS be the best in their field. Here are the qualifications and procedures for applying for these job vacancies.

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