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About RockStar Gym

RockStar Gym is a one-stop, children’s total development center designed to enhance physical, socio-emotional and cognitive skills in a fun, caring and safe environment. Children 6 months to 16 years will have lots of fun when they foster their strength, balance, coordination, agility, rhythm and flexibility while developing their social skills, confidence, independence and self-esteem. We offer a variety of classes which support our fundamental philosophy that differentiates our programs from the rest. Classes are conducted to make winning possible for all children by building a positive environment that defines success as “PERSONAL BEST”.

Our state-of-the-art gym facility is loaded with stimulating, exciting and age appropriate classes and equipment imported directed from the USA. Our gymnastics program is based on the USAG Jr. Olympic Program, further refined by gymnastics and preschool experts from the US and adapted by our team of respected Instructors with over 20 years of direct experience. Our RockStar Gymnastics curriculum are designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement-oriented class that promotes healthy muscle growth, improved stamina, flexibility, rhythm in a social and caring setting. With our dedicated trainers guiding your children through activities such as movement, exploration, sports, imaginative play, your child’s confidence and self-esteem will soar. Best of all, your child will take what they learned in our classes onto the playground, classroom, and into your home. RockStar Gym aims to nurture and foster healthy and positive habits that will be the cornerstone of your children’s future success.

Our extensively trained expatriate and national staffs are both caring and dedicated to the development of children. They will work hand in hand with the parents and caregivers to ensure that the Gym Philosophy will be consistent at home, as well. Being the first of its kind in Indonesia, RockStar Gym aspires to set the gold standard in developing children’s motor abilities, self-worth, and independence to all the children in our care.


RockStar Gym is determined to make a winner of every child of all ages, shapes, and size with focused, fun, exciting, and safe programs that are catered to the developmental stages of our children. All of us in RockStar Gym are determined to make a winner in every child by encouraging attainable success in all our classes. Making this happen requires removing all contests from the environment and never comparing one student to the next. This includes eliminating statements like “Who can be the first to line up?” or, “Who can do the best cartwheel?”, but instead, our trainers are taught to use non-competitive language like, “Line up as fast as you can”, or “Everyone show me your best cartwheel”.

PERSONAL BEST should become what is celebrated and acknowledged instead of being better than your fellow gymnasts. This way, we are giving all our children the opportunity to achieve success, and making their time in RockStar Gym a fun and enjoyable experience, while raising their self-confidence. This in turn, encourages all our children to stay in sports longer and allow them to derive greater benefits and skills from the activities.

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022 – 7107035 ; 087824752286 ; 081322956945

Jl. Taman Cibeunying Utara No.12,Cihapit,Kota Bandung,Bandung Bandung Wetan, Jawa Barat

Kamis 08.00–20.00 Jumat 08.00–20.00 Sabtu 08.00–17.00 Minggu Tutup Senin 08.00–20.00 Selasa 08.00–20.00 Rabu 08.00–20.00

Lembaga konsultasi belajar yang focus untuk mengoptimalkan seluruh potensi siswa. Dengan metode EASY Solution, Focus Excellent mengoptimalkan kemampuan intelegensi siswa (IQ), juga mengoptimalkan kecerdasan emosi siswa (EQ), bahkan Focus Excellent telah menyiapkan beberapa program pembelajaran yang dapat membangkitkan kecerdasan spiritual siswa (SQ), sehingga Focus Excellent tidak hanya focus untuk sukses ujian nasional, Sukses ujian sekolah, sukses masuk PTN, sukses masuk Sekolah favorit, dan sukses masuk PT Terkemuka di luar negeri, tetapi juga sukses untuk membangun kecerdasan-kecerdasan emosi dan spiritual, sehingga mampu menjadi manusia mandiri, unggul dan mampu bersinergi.

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0878-2828-1550 (Telepon selular)

JL. Suryalaya Indah, No. 1-3, Buah Batu,Cijagra,Lengkong,Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat


Edukidzment is a company that engaged in the field of water games and outbound. Established on an area of 1500 m2 at Buah Batu Bandung. Edukidzment officially began operations on 19 June 2010. This company was founded by Indra Fauzy in December 2008. Along its cooperation with Bikasoga, this resort brings the brand Bikasoga Edukidzment.
Edukidzment focuses its market on the segment of children aged 3-12 years. As is known, play is a basic need that must be met because the children’s world is the plays world. In the midst of a variety of games related to technology or the game places in the mall, the need for entertainment that blends with nature and friendly to the environment it is necessary, especially in big cities such as Bandung which is more narrow green open space.

Edukidzment have a concept as a place of recreation that does not only contain of entertainment, but also embed the values of education for children. While playing outdoors, the motoric ability of children brain is trained, and it is useful for their development. In addition, the psychological aspect is also a major concern so that children can be a formidable person, brave, confident, and able to socialize with their friends. Then the traditional games facilities are available to introduce a means of heritage culture to children.

With backed by experienced expert in this business, the latest games, beautiful environment and strategic location in the town, Edukidzment is a fitting of  recreation place option for families and Playgroup, Kindergarten, and Elementary School field trips

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