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Graha Mampang, 3rd Floor, Suite 305, Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya Kav. 100, Jakarta Selatan 12760, Indonesia

24 hours

At cost

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When your time-critical or sensitive shipment needs to reach its destination promptly and safely, we do whatever it takes to make it happen. To maximize the speed and security of your shipment, we deliver your vital goods singly and personally accompany it from the moment of collection to ultimate delivery. We are Lekas, an expert highly specialized in providing tailor-made solutions for high-priority consignments.


On-board Courier

Our On-board Courier service offers the most rapid, secure and reliable solution for time-critical, valuable or sensitive consignments. Our dedicated sprinters personally travel with your all-important goods as their baggage and hand carry them directly to the required final destination. We rigorously organize each and every step of the expeditions—from the first available flight to the onward car, train, or ferry—so that our sprinters can seamlessly move your deliveries forward towards its destination. Throughout the entire journey, our sprinters maintain full custody of the parcels they transport. This white-glove service guarantees that your shipment shall reach its destination in the shortest time possible and in its most pristine condition.

Helicopter Charter

Anytime your crucial shipment needs to reach a remote place, an offshore installation, or a congested city urgently, our Helicopter Charter service has got you covered. To best meet your demand, we operate best-in-class helicopters renowned for their performance and versatility—Airbus H125, Bell 412, and BK117 to name a few. All-inclusive, our service includes flight planning, landing site clearance, and, if required, pre- and post-flight hand carry services. With our chartered helicopters in service, your packages can be delivered to those challenging destinations in a matter of minutes.

Air Charter

Whether you want to avoid multiple stopover flights or you have delicate fine arts or ultra-luxury items to be delivered, we’re always on your side with our tailored Air Charter service. Our chartered jets provide state-of-the-art safety features, a truly flexible schedule, a direct service to any runways, and a fuselage of space dedicated exclusively to your shipments. We’re backed by a vast array of jets varying in size, range, and speed to precisely suit your needs. Your cargo butler also arranges for all paperwork, ground handling services as well as pre- and post-flight hand carry services—basically anything to make sure you enjoy an ultimate bespoke experience.

Lekas is a trademark of PT Lekas Kargo Sampai

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Gd.Graha Sartika Lt.1, Jl. Dewi Sartika No.357, Cawang, Kramat Jati, Jakarta Timur

09.00 sd 17.00


Tempat Parkir, Free Wifi, AC

Kepada Yth,
Direktur/ Import Department/ Logistic/ Purchasing,

Dengan Hormat,
Perkenalkan kami PT.Hokkindo Jaya Mandiri. Kami adalah perusahaan Jasa Import specialist dalam bidang Jasa Customs Clearance di Kepabeanan baik area Bandara maupun Pelabuhan di seluruh Nusantara.Bersama ini kami Management PT. Hokkindo Jaya Mandiri berminat untuk bermitra dengan perusahaan Bapak/Ibu dalam bidang Jasa sebagai berikut :
I. Jasa Customs Clearance   
– General Customs Clearance 
Udara dan Laut

– Import dengan system Door to Door Resmi Regional Asia, Eropa dan America
– Import Udara dan Laut
– Handling Import Resmi (Undername, QQ)
– Handling Import Borongan (ALL-IN)
– Trucking ke gudang tujuan

II. Jasa Undername (Sewa Bendera)  
Agar dapat terlaksananya kegiatan importasi diperusahaan Bapak/Ibu yang belum memiliki Lisensi Import Kami management PT. Hokkindo Jaya Mandiri memberikan fasilitas Undername berdasarkan Commoditas Import.
Lisensi Import  PT. Hokkindo Jaya Mandiri Adalah :   

– N P W P
– A P I-U
– N I K
– N P I K
– IT Elektronik
– Pengurusan LS,SNI,PI,UTTP dll 

III. Kemudahaan untuk pengurusan import  
Kami memiliki izin dan alat transaksi data dengan Bea dan Cukai (NPPJK) Nomor Pokok Pengurusan Jasa Kepabeanan dan (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange/ Pembuatan Document PIB (Pemberitahuan Import Barang)

IV. Kantor Perwakilan
– Surabaya   

– Kami mempunyai Agent di beberapa negara Eropa, Asia dan America sehingga kami bisa mengerjakan Import dengan term FOB ataupun Ex-Work.  


Kami berharap kutipan ini akan memenuhi permintaan anda, jika anda membutuhkan lebih banyak pertanyaan mengenai import dan penawaran harga jangan ragu untuk menghubungi kami. Demikian Penawaran Customs Clearance ini kami ajukan, atas perhatian dan kerjasamanya kami ucapkan terima kasih. 

Thanks & Best Regards,
ANDRIAN MR.(Import Dept.)

GD. Graha Sartika  Jl. Dewi Sartika NO. 357
Cawang, Jakarta 13630 Indonesia
Telp.  : +6221 80871390 (Hunting) Ex.23 

Fax.   : +6221 80871470 

Mobile : 0821 2393 1881, 0878 8679 2626

E-mail : dwi.andrian2301@gmail.comandrian@hokkindo.com ,
E-mail : andrian.hokkindo@yahoo.co.id
YM     : andrian.hokkindo@yahoo.co.id 

Web    : www.hokkindo.com
 International Freight Forwarder – Undername Consignee -Import Customs Clearance – Sea & Air 

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