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We strive to provide the service and the business with the highest ethical and moral standards, and we expect users to do the same. These Terms and Conditions explain the way in which we explained to you, and the manner in which you conduct yourself when using our services. If you do not want to use the service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions please move to another place – the use of this site is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions applicable.

In using this service you commit to:

  • Claiming only a business listing for my business. or for the business where my official representatives
  • Do not upload pictures, video, text or other content that other users may find offensive or immoral
  • Making updates and additions that you know to be accurate, legal, decent and up to date. You will not – make the updates presenting false information, inaccurate, obscene or misleading
  • Draw a deep breath and count (slowly) to ten before writing a negative review about any business. If you have to write a negative review, remain objective and fair, and never get personal. – Give each business opportunity to resolve any issues before giving a negative review offline
  • If you’ve had a bad experience with the business and they then make amends, be generous in your review of them – no one gets it right 100% of the time, but when they were fixing something that is broken they really deserve credit
  • Not damaging, and I do not spam. If you place vandalism or spam take time to clear by making the correction, or if you need to report
  • Be polite

In providing this service we are committed to:

  • The presence or absence of local business where business people published known to exist
  • Always striving to provide the best service, and to be open and honest with you
  • Uphold the promise and our commitment to you.
  • Listen to your feedback

Registered users

You do not need to register with klikalamat using basic service, but for faster updates and more advanced features that you do. When you register with us you authorize us to contact you from time to time to provide you with updates and news about the service. We will not spam you, and we do not sell your personal data to other parties.

klikalamat.com business directory services distributed freely. It is constructed and maintained by everyone, for everyone, and it is operated on a platform that is produced and owned by klikalamat.com

NO warrantees
The service is provided as seen, for free and without any specific or implied warrantees. klikalamat Limited can not guarantee, and is not responsible for the accuracy of any results. If you see inaccuracies you can use our tool to make any corrections.

klikalamat reserves the right to remove obscene, illegal, or offensive.

klikalamat reserves the right to withdraw services at any time from any or all users.

Limited klikalamat responsibility in relation to the paid for service are met in total at the time of payment; klikalamat is a self-service platform and does not give a refund next to the paid service.

Where the business claims register is transferred to the other members following a dispute the claim, the remaining time of the claim, any related paid-for services, and any amount paid to klikalamat Limited forfeited in favor of the new plaintiff. In short, you do not have to fake claim your business because if later transferred to the rightful claimant you will not be eligible for a refund and they will inherit the remainder of the period of claim and any associated promotion.

Business listings compiled from a combination business listing data is publically available and user generated data. brand names and trademarks are featuring in the list of business are only used in the context of correctly identifying brand names, trademarks or owners to which they relate. They are owned by their respective owners and klikalamat.com claim no relationship with any of them. All data and current information and entry into service become and remain the property of klikalamat Limited for the explicit purpose of providing our services. We do not spam you with junk irrelevant.

You specifically may not use this site:
for unauthorized purposes
harm, threaten, abuse or harass people, or in a way that invading someone’s privacy
for any purpose that we think is unacceptable for klikalamat Limited
to create, verify, update or change your own or someone else databases, records, directories, customer lists, mailing or candidate list
by means of automated or robot-driven anything

Website klikalamat.com contain public domain information about the business, including but not limited to, business name, contact details, and the nature of their business. This information can be created and updated by users included, and in some limited cases, the business owners. Website klikalamat.com not publish business information held by us a list, with the exception of trademarks which forms part of a business name used in the correct context of the trademark to refer to the business that owns the trademark. If you believe that any personal information about your business has been issued without proper authorization please see klikalamat.com Business Listing Policy which explains our list policy and provide a process to notify us of violations of the policy.

Klikalamat.com website allows users to leave reviews about the services provided by each business listed. klikalamat Limited does not prevent users from leaving a negative review, also did not do any editorial reviews save for automatic profanity filter. If you have any reason to reject the negative review please see the klikalamat.com Policy explains our policy with regard to the negative reviews, a process to notify us, and the process we will deal with any notice.

Free Trial
From time to time klikalamat may offer free trials of various features. free trial is provided free of charge and no obligation, either on you to take, or at our offer, the full version of the product is used under a free trial.

These terms may change from time to time subject; updates will be posted here.

Last Updated: June 9, 2016

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